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  • Where have my downloads gone?

    Download functions in different devices are all different. When you click on a download icon or link on our site the files begin downloading automatically to the default location for your browser, device and operating system. If you are not sure where that is or how to find please search online using this question, replacing the words in brackets for your specific set up. "Where do downloads go using [operating system] for [device] and [browser]?" So a couple of examples would be: Where do downloads go using iOS for iPad and Firefox? Where do downloads go using Windows 10 for Dell laptop and Chrome? Note the more specific you are with the operating systems and device the better answers you will get.

  • I've downloaded a digital book to my iPhone or iPad and can't find it to read. What can I do?

    Neither device has a downloaded files area easily visible. Firstly please make sure you are using the latest version of your operating system, the Books App, and if possible confirm you are using iOS V 11 or greater. If so, please download and install the new Files App from the App Store. The follow this guide when installing Files: This will allow you to assign your new book to the Books App and also see other files you may downloaded, which you can delete if unwanted to maximise space available on your device.

  • I've bought a digital edition of one of your books but can't find the download.

    When you click or touch the download link, the file will automatically download to the default location for your device and/or your web browser. Because of the multitude of options, the best way to get help with your specific situation is to search online using this question: "Where do downloads go from [Browser] on a [device name]? If you need more help, please submit a request from the links at the top of this page.

  • I want a digital edition of the Pathways book, which one should I choose?

    Choosing the best digital edition of Pathways to a Centered Body is helped by considering the following: 1. What Device and hence what screen size do you use most commonly? - your smartphone, (re-flowable version is best) - your tablet (re-flowable or fixed layout), or - your computer, (my preference is for the fixed layout) and 2. Which e-reader are you using? - Kindle - re-flowable only - Nook - Fixed format forNook - For all other e-readers, either option depending on your personal preferences from the following... The fixed layout edition more closely resembles the design aesthetic of the physical book (from the award winning book designer Gopa Campbell). The re-flowable edition gives you greater flexibility over font size, and screen size, displaying the number of words that will fit in to the available display space. There are no page numbers. All digital editions, include the following benefits: - immediate delivery (with no shipping cost obviously!) - search text on any word or phrase - all references link to the destination, or source including some external references (note where multipage ranges are offered such as a chapter, the left hand side of the link goes to the chapter beginning and the right to the end) Other functionality is available, but e-reader dependent. For the fixed edition with the videos (great value but not available for Kindle) Donna's videos are embedded right where they are relevant on Page 64, Page 71 & Page 117. 3. The last piece of this puzzle is which e-reader should you use? And the answer is, it depends. Some people only want one for all their books and others like options. If you buy or source free books from Amazon only, the answer is clear - Kindle is your choice (app or physical device). Similarly if you are an Apple fan, their native e-readers are probably top of your list. As a final comment, during production of the digital editions, I struggled with the complexity of some applications, the poor interface or reading panel quality of a few and finally when trying to overcome specific display issues, settled on Adobe Digital Editions. You can get it for free from the App Store, Android Play Store or direct from Adobe. It's simple, intuitive and displays very nicely. It's not the most feature rich, but sometimes features can get in the way of the primary objective: reading, navigating and storing your e-books.

  • I've bought the eBook with the videos but can't find the videos.

    The videos are embedded in the book right where they are needed to give you context. You will find a video icon on Page 64. Page 71, and Page 117. Simply single or double click the icon (depending on your device settings) or touch the icon to launch the video in your eBook reader.

  • Having problems downloading digital books to an Apple Macintosh?

    Please follow these steps. 1. Download the epub version of the book to your Downloads folder 2. Open AirDrop under ‘Finder/Go’ 3. Open AirDrop in your iPhone or iPad (see for example: 4. Drag the iBook from the computer to the airdrop location 5. Open the book using the iBook app.

  • I have a coupon for the video companion but it does not work, why?

    For the coupon to work you must have the video in your shopping cart and each coupon is only valid once per user.

  • I'm having trouble accessing your shop on my iPhone

    If you follow these steps you should be good to go. 1. Please visit this link. . Each product has an "Add to cart" button. If you have a coupon, be sure to add all the products you want into the cart before you use the coupon, or it will fail. 2. Then click either of the green View Cart buttons or hover your mouse over the cart icon at the top right of your screen. 3. Once in the cart view, you can add the coupon code and receive the discount you expect. Click "Apply coupon" and you can then proceed through checkout as normal. If you have any further questions please contact support

  • When and where can I buy the book: Pathways to a Centered Body

    The book is available now from our shop at or you can buy it on or Regardless of where you order, the price and cost of shipment will be the same as they are shipped from the same center in the US.

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